Author: Korey

Dr. Seuss helps children select a new pet

A new book by Dr. Seuss, one of the all-time favorite children’s book authors ever has just been released. For those of us that thought we had everything we would ever get from this beloved author we are ecstatic that more work has been found. Dr. Seuss books have been a part of our childhood and our children’s childhoods and now there is even more to love.

What Pet Should I Get?

Kid’s love this new edition to the Dr. Seuss catalog because it brings the return of some of their favorite characters from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. This brother and sister duo now find themselves at the pet store with the task of picking out a new pet. The classic Dr. Seuss picture style goes through their process of selecting only one new pet from the many adorable and tempting options. It’s not uncommon for children to mire down in the abundance of options available to them, to the point of being unable to make a decision. What Pet Should I Get? teaches these children that the most important part of any decision making task is simply to make one.

Parent’s love this book because it entertains their children while teaching them a valuable lesson. The familiar rhyming style makes this book fun and exciting for everyone whether you’re an adult reading the book to your child at bedtime, or a kid that a brand new reader. The words will flow off the tongue in the style and flow we’ve all learned to love form Dr. Seuss.

Enjoy the ride as you follow this brother sister duo through their pet shop trip. Meet brand new animals from the imagination of Dr. Seuss and learn which one they ultimately choose. Before long your children will be chanting the common catch-phrases found throughout the book and